30.6.03 Bei Chez Heinz Hannover

Das Interview is in Englisch, ist besser so. Also am 30.6. fuhr ich zum Chez Heinz und begab mich in den Backstageraum um Nerf Herder zu interviewen. Perry sass auf nem Stuhl und tippelte an seinem gameboy rum. Steve und ben waren auch da... also .. there you :

Steffen° Monkeypoo: Hi... what are you playing?

Perry: I’m playing gameboy advanced sp. the thing about being in a band is you get to play a lot of vidogames that’s pretty much the prime reason to be in a band. We play mario kart in the van. We play that like crazy, he (ben) is sooo god

Steffen° Monkeypoo: so he’s the band champion?

Perry: Well kind of .. Ricky our merchguy is pretty good too

Steffen° Monkeypoo:  Ok well let’s start with the interview first of all I‘d like you all to introduce yourselves

Perry: hey you’re Ben right?

Ben: I’m ben

Perry: Hi my name is Perry nice to meet you what do you do in the band

Ben: I play bass and I’m 29

Perry: hey you’re Steve right?

Steve: yeah hey what’s going on

Perry: my name is Perry i play the guitar and i sing I’m 35 years old, old enough to adopt my own children

Steve: yeah my name is Steve and i play the drums and I’m 34 years old and I beat up Ben on a regular basis

Perry: do you want us to say something in german?

Steffen° Monkeypoo: yes of course

Perry: but it’ll be bad kann ich deine milchtüten anfassen

Ben what is it called glitt glied?

Perry: deine Glied ist so so ...so klein



Steffen° Monkeypoo:..ok .. first question, would you consider yourselves “punk”?

Perry: well i think the meaning of the word “punk” has changed over the years, my meaning of punk is more like the early 80s meaning of punk. so we’re not like ...what is a punk band? I don’t even know one..

Steve: Rancid!

Perry: we’re sort of more like the Rolling Stones

Ben: but actually we’re older than Rolling Stones

Perry: we like older punk stuff we like nofx and lagwagon which I guess people would consider older punkbands. We like stuff like really old social distortion, sex pistols, the ramones

Steve: the ramones!

Perry: yeah the ramones really had a big influence on us


Steffen° Monkeypoo: so how did you get in contact with punkrock

Perry: well I’ll tell you exactly how I got in contact with punk: I was listening to a radio show called dr. dominto they played funny music like weird al yankovich but they played a ramones song on there called “teenage lobotomy” and i heard that and thought yeah that is great so I bought their record. I didn’t really think they were punkrock but they were great


Steffen° Monkeypoo: you’re selling buttons with “nerd” on it, what exactly does nerd mean?

Perry: anyone wearing glasses, playing videogames...

Steve: you laugh like this (lacht und es hört sich an wie’n Esel), you blow your nose on your shirt

Perry: you don’t go to sports

Steve: a nerd maybe would masturbate in public

Ben: a nerd masturbates a lot because he doesn’t have a girlfriend

Perry: let’s get serious now...


Steffen° Monkeypoo: serious? well what does nerf herder mean?

Perry: steve I think you should explain that since you brought up the name

Steve. Nerf herder comes from ..there’s this movie “the empire strikes back” and princess leiah was slinging an insult towards han solo and she called him a scruffy looking nerf herder .. so he’s like the lowest form... a trash collector


Steffen° Monkeypoo: ...alright have you played in other bands before you started nerf herder?

Perry:yeah we were all in other bands but the only band that was important was Steve’s band called the lost kittens. And this band was a heavy metal band with crazy hair, makeup tight pants and stuff.. and one of them is chris shitlet (oder wie auch immer der heisst) he was in no use for a name and is the guitar player in the foo fighters. And Steve was in a band with him. Now the other guy in the band he calls himself marko72 and he’s in a band sugarcult. So out this heavymetalband the lost kittens three of four guys became rockstars

Steve: huuuuge rockstars

Ben: globetrotting rockstars


Steffen° Monkeypoo : You’re globetrotting Rockstars? So is there any obvious difference between the german kids coming to your shows and the US kids?

Steve: yeah there is quite a difference I don‘t know if the language barrier is a problem but in america you can’t move after a gig and here there aren’t much people who approach us after a show


Steffen° Monkeypoo : What country do you like most to tour

Perry: that’s a tough question

Steve: australia was pretty nice ...driving on the wrong side of the road

Perry: we played in erfurt last night and it was a very cool gig and a very beautiful town


Steffen° Monkeypoo : Say something about politics:

Ben politics are better with milk

Perry: and sugar

Steve: my dog had politics once.. i had to get a special shampoo

Perry: we’re not a very political band our songs are more about personal issues


Steffen° Monkeypoo : But last year you said “fuck george bush” several times at your shows

Perry: oh yeah we hate george bush I think a lot of people in the USA really dislike bush he’s not really the president i mean he is but everyone thinks the election was fixed

We don’t talk about politics i think it’s better to read about it. I know a lot of band sing about politics but as we aren’t really experts on that so it’s better if we don’t talk about it


Steffen° Monkeypoo :What do you think about DIY... DO IT YOURSELF

Perry: i think DIY is the best way to get started at least we started like that we never thought of being on a label or someone giving us money we just started to get playing that was really the most fun time no one’s money was involved and stuff


Steffen° Monkeypoo : one of your song is called “only eat candy” is it somehow related to straightedge?

Perry: It is kind of making fun of straight edge a little bit because the idea that someone is strict in their views beyond being reasonable, the idea that you have set up an principle for yourself that is so severe it limits you as a person that is.. i mean i don’t have anything against straight edge ...i i really like the older minor threat stuff but i think that our song was kind of making fun of that.


Steffen° Monkeypoo : Is one of you a veggie?

Perry: Dave is kind of a vegetarian but he eats chicken. Because he gives a fuck about chickens

Steve: he HATES chickens

Perry: and he likes cows and pigs


Steffen° Monkeypoo: what was the most disgusting and rotten toilet on this tour

Steve: the garage in London! We played at the garage three times and there was never a light in the bathroom and so they pee all over the place


Steffen° Monkeypoo : and which was the cleanest one?

Ben: the toilets here are pretty clean

Pretty: Holland has very clean bathrooms.. you can eat off the flor


Steffen° Monkeypoo : Ok no more questions .. would you like to say something or even ask something?

Steve: yeah do you have broccoli in this country? We’ve been to a chinese...

Ben: (unterbricht Steve)we like broccoli a lot

Steve: ....we’ve been to a chinese restaurant and ordered beef with broccoli but it was just a tiny piece of broccoli

Steffen° Monkeypoo : You ought to go to an italian restaurant

Steve: italian?

Ben: (mit italienischem akzent) oh yeah brrroookkoliiii

Perry: do you like bratwurst?

Steffen° Monkeypoo : No not at all

Perry: yeah wurst is the worst!

Steve: well then thank you very much for the interview


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